Freesat – What is Freesat?
Freesat is a satellite based television service like Freeview.

Good points:
1. Better reception
2. More channels
3. HD channels available now
4. Lower installation costs
5. Less prone to weather condition problems
6. Gets around problems with trees etc easier

Bad points:
1. Receivers are a little more expensive – around £40 for a basic receiver
2. Recording equipment is more expensive – currently around £250
3. Requires a small dish, listed buildings may have a problem with building regs


We do not supply the receiver, currently you can buy a non-HD receiver for around £50 and a HD for a little more. You will need one receiver for each room connected. You will be able to watch different channels in different rooms or even record on your video recorder from a receiver in another room.
Note: HD = High Definition TV. Prices quoted are correct at time of print (31/1/09) and may be subject to change without notice or correction on this website. All prices are subject to VAT.

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