July 2018, well so far what great weather eh? well maybe not so hot for TV reception, before you throw that remote, the hot weather especially prolonged hot weather can cause atmospheric conditions, also there is more an more mobile phone 4G being set up on the UHF band, so poor signal, breaking up picture may be a result of either of these issues, feel free to call me but before you do it may be worth checking for 4G by calling 0808 131 3800.




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An incident at Towcester. 11th August 2017

Let me point out, I was causing no obstruction and there was nowhere else I could park.



There are some strange people about, As not to obstruct the drive over the road I pulled as far forward as possible, there was no obstruction see photo 1, The Fiat was on the drive when I arrived at Hesketh Crescent, Towcester, there was a woman sitting in it and a younger one talking to her through the window, I heard raised voices, looked and then carried on with my work. while I was working the Fiat left and returned several times, the first time was accompanied by screaming abuse shouting how I was obstructing her drive, I replied “you must be a really bad driver if you can’t get in and out of there!” this was met with more foul mouthed abuse and a claim to be an awesome F***ing driver. pfffft.

I ignored it and carried on with my work, eventually as I was finishing off, I was getting the final parts from the back of the van when the Fiat left the drive once more and parked as you see in the photos, The old woman (I’m being kind here) kept phoning me to spew more verbal abuse in a language made up of mostly four letter words, later I walked around the corner to see her trying to take my keys from the van which she dropped inside the van and scurried away. I was ignoring all this nonsense until I finished and had to load my ladders! problem, I couldn’t move forward because the guy with the keys to the car in front was in London and I couldn’t pull the ladder rack off because I need about 7 feet behind the van.

I called the police at this point, bad timing, there’d been a big crash on the M1 and no one was available, it got dark, 2 very nice cups of coffee and 3 hours later chatting with my customer, who also found it all very entertaining, eventually the police arrived and made the old H*G move the fiat, I loaded up and went home, personally I found the whole pathetic saga amusing BUT, my 6 year old daughter phoned me upset I was so late home and the old HA* over the road had caused the police to attend when there were lives at risk on the motorway.  I am a very calm chilled out kind of guy but there was a point when I just wanted to stick the van in reverse and go for it.

So as you can see from photo 1 and the fact she’d moved the Fiat in and out of the drive easily several times there was no obstruction at all. what possesses such stupidity? Do these people have such sad little lives? are they so miserable they have to inflict their sour nastiness on everyone else? I had a hint from the police that she had “Other issues” which I took to mean a few slices short of a loaf. With an attitude like this should this woman be out there on the roads with us normal people?

Anyway it’s all very amusing to me but it must have cost a few quid to the taxpayer and possibly put lives at risk elsewhere and what for? some people never seem to grow up.





January 2017, 4G Mobile phone interference found in Long Buckby, If you live on the Pytchley drive side of the village and are getting picture breakup mostly on BBC1 and mostly in the evenings you can get a filter fitted free by calling 0808 1313 800 They may still insist there’s no 4G in Long Buckby but I’ve found 2 cases so far so you need to be insistent with them. you will need to know what type of amplifier you have fitted, if you have a masthead type or a distribution type, see our jargon page.


Something a Bit Different…

We are confident in our service to all sorts of customers. Shown here is one of our more unusual jobs, – a 20′ mast with a masthead amplifier, 2 outputs to 2 tv’s. The mast is easily removable and disconnects in about 5 minutes, its aluminium which makes it lightweight but sturdy.

Whatever your aerial needs call us and we will be happy to advise and help.










Trees can be a bit of an issue at times, these are at the front of the house and in line with the sky dish, the existing dish was fitted to the garden shed at the bottom of the back garden but at 6 ft off the ground the trees soon grew to a point where signal was lost, we tried a terrestrial aerial on the chimney but there was no useable freeview signal. the only solution was to get the dish substantially higher, so at our engineering works “Buckby engineering” we built a 6 metre high pilon and painted it green,  we laid a concrete base behind the garden shed, removed a fence panel for access and erected the pilon, it’s mostly hidden by trees and the shed and once the dish was fitted it gave an excellent signal. the pilon was built in such a way that with a little adjustment it is capable of going up another 8 ft.




You can just make out the dish in the background, it belongs to the house on the right.





I’d like to introduce you to a new business you may find useful, Excellent service, superb quality and great value, Dee’s Helping Hands, general housework and Dog exercising service, here’s her facebook page She covers all areas around Daventry and you can call Dee on 07443 832210

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