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First off here are a few tips,

LNBs rarely fail, I’ve seen a handful in 20+ years, Masthead amplifiers tend to be extremely reliable too so be wary of any company with a reputation for blaming these two items, be suspicious of such a diagnosis, the power supplies are a little less reliable, probably the worst one I’ve seen in recent years is the vision one which has a capacitor which tends to eventually fail, it still provides 12 volts but with noise on the line causing picture pixellation. YOU have a perfect right to keep any and all parts removed, they are your property and if you think you’ve been stitched up do so, these parts can be tested. I would advise customers to watch all the work as it’s done, if the engineer has nothing to hide he won’t mind, this will ensure the part you have in your hand is the part removed and not some old duffer out of the back of the van. Ask questions, look as if you understand, even if you don’t,  he doesn’t know how much research you’ve done, refer to our page titled “Jargon” it’ll tell you what all the technical terms mean, Trust no-one, I’ve seen some real rogues at work and this trade is full of them so please beware. Do not trust feedback, people rarely leave feedback on internet sites unless they’re angry about something, 





cowboy-aerial-services-scotlandAerial services Scotland aka Aerial Express aka


aka Aerial and security services

aka The gutter guys.

They use local numbers to fool you into thinking you’re ringing someone local but these calls get diverted to Glasgow. I have a huge list of their very unhappy customers.

CEO Robert McIver, Manager or similar position James Mullen. Address Bowerwalls place Glasgow, G78 1BF. REVIEWS

Please do not confuse this lot with companies of similar names.



Using several different names and covering the UK, this section refers to them

Aerial & security services uk are based in Glasgow and are also known as Aerial & Satellite Express, Low cost digital aerials & satellite, Aerial express  and aerial services Scotland Ltd, but it seems they travel as far as Daventry, Northamptonshire, oh but when I spoke to their office, of course there wasn’t a manager available, the girl told me they use subbies, so the fact is you have no idea who you are going to get and the chances are he’ll turn up on a horse and be wearing a stetson hat.

(NOT Wakefield the HEPPinstalls one or Guildford the Ltd one or Bristol Aerial Express, these 3 are NOT CONNECTED IN ANY WAY TO THE ABOVE)

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Below, this video, an independent interviewer and Mrs Dunn, words from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

A comment on youtube regarding the above video,

This was posted by Joseph Glen who works for the above company and really sums up the attitude,  Joseph Glen commented: “Bunch of whoppers I worked for company the price is right by the time pay for part and the engineers time and to go on roof. Just older people moaning grow up and stop moaning the main office is in…” (But Joseph the part wasn’t supplied or fitted, just charged for, that’s ok is it?) here he is on facebook


Since my last contact with the above company attempting to get a refund for the customer at the top of this page, I have received the really scary “OR ELSE” threat if I don’t remove the above article/invoice from this site! well the deadline of “the end of the day” has been and gone and still no “OR ELSE” has appeared, be assured I will continue to expose criminals who rip off the elderly, vulnerable or just general public on this page regardless of “OR ELSE!” I have spoken to a solicitor advocate friend of mine who has assured me there is absolutely nothing they can do as the entire article is truthful and backed up by hard evidence, however now we have trading standards involved and should they find that money has been obtained by deception which it obviously has this could certainly escalate to a criminal investigation by the police. so Aerial & Security services you can take your “OR ELSE” and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

This ad is Aerial express aka aerial services Scotland using yet another name.

Health & safety would have a field day with this lot.

It seems they don’t like this page.

The following refers to the complaint at the top of this page.

A few points after speaking with my very good friend who is a Solicitor advocate, 1, NOT FOR PUBLICATION? well that statement is un-inforceable as I am the recipient and as such I am perfectly entitled to do with it as I please, Revues on the internet are in the “Public domain” and are NOT subject to the data protection act. I admit some of the titling was a bit inaccurate and I have changed this but the facts outlined on this page remain, as for compensation to them? Ha! what about compensation or even a refund for the elderly lady they ripped off? I’t’s quite simple, don’t rip people off, do a good job and no-one will ever complain. I do not scare easily and I never give in to bully boy tactics, apology? they’re having a laugh! and as for “false” allegations, I have proof, evidence and witnesses, and all the revues on the internet are false allegations too are they? If these people want war they’ve come to the right place! so the above letter will be filed under BS. So in conclusion it seems the Solicitors acting on behalf of the aerial company that seems to know next to nothing about aerials, actually knows very little about the law!
6th January 2017
New update, I’ve now been sent a summons claiming £25,000 for defamation! What? They’re having a laugh. Firstly they rip off a pensioner, I expose what they’ve done and they sue me ha ha ha! well I intend to defend this on the grounds of justification, I really can’t see any court finding the truth as defamation! Where does £25,000 come from anyway? firstly they have to prove the case, then they have to prove losses caused by this article on this website which today hit a count of only 8539 views. They are trying to claim it’s all lies in an attempt to boost my own business which is nonsense, I have proof and witnesses to prove otherwise and the above photos and documentation, this page is here for your protection from such cowboys and rip off artists and makes no difference to my trade numbers, you are perfectly welcome to read the entire website then go shop elsewhere if you choose.  It’s been a while since I’ve been to Scotland, should be a nice break especially if this goes all the way to a jury court.
My friend (in the legal profession) had a really good laugh at this too.
From an email from to the customer’s relative who has been trying to get her a refund:
I would like to return the £138 but I would require you to send an email back to me stating that there is no basis for alleging theft and fraud, and that the complaint has been resolved to your satisfaction, and you withdraw the unfounded slanderous comments regarding theft and fraud from any and all other communications, websites, reviews etc. 

I bet you would too Mr McIver, but unfortunately while your company continues to charge for parts not supplied or fitted and provides a shoddy at best service this nightmare will not go away and bribery as outlined in your email above certainly won’t help, please learn the difference between exposing the truth and slander but surely not as Slander is Spoken, Libel is Written and you’re obviously referring to the latter. This email is I believe an attempt to get Ms X to withdraw her complaint, say everything in the garden is rosy thus strengthening your case against me, another example of dirty underhand tactics, it’s not going to happen and the truth will prevail.

In this email he also claims that a refund would have been given if their complaints procedure had been followed, IT WAS Right at the start of all this while I stood in the customer’s kitchen on the phone to Aerial services Scotland I was asked to send all the information in an email which I did as soon as I returned to my office later that day. Several times before I published any of this on this page I called them trying to get satisfaction for their customer, my calls were met with delaying tactics and excuses. It was only after weeks of being fobbed off I decided to expose them here.

So in response to your email Mr Mciver, Refund the £138, admit your crimes, apologise, fire the so called engineer and I’ll publish on this page how sorry you are and what you’ve finally done about it. That would be the decent and honest way to deal with this.

I do not like to see companies taking advantage of people and I will continue to update this page and continue the fight exposing them all. I run an honest fair business so I don’t see why others can’t too. 
Updated 9th January 2017; Maybe nothing to do with anyone mentioned on this page but the other night I received a rather odd call from a withheld number from someone not really listening but going on about “Thugs from up north on my doorstep” or words to that effect, the caller referred to the above article and kept going on about putting aerial engineers out of work by publicising things like this. I do not listen to threats, I will not give in to threats and the more I’m pushed the harder I dig in, it’s in my nature.
Updated 1st February 2017 Mr McIver who originally refused to offer a refund has throughout this saga made several offers, starting with a 50% refund of the original bill, to the most recent one of 100% of the original bill of £138 plus my bill of £70 and a cheque for £100 to a charity of Mrs Dunn’s choice, this offer totalling £308 this was was refused, not because it wasn’t enough because it was, the cheques actually arrived and were returned, simply because they came with strings attached.  You see Mr McIver all you had to do was accept your engineer was responsible and guilty as charged in the first place and this whole thing would never have got this big, now we have this ridiculous defamation charge pending and all sorts of costs involved in that not to mention authorities all over the country looking at not just your business but the way the whole industry is run, personally I think scrutiny is a good thing.
17th July 2018
Yes this is still ongoing, they are insisting on this being heard in the Sheriff’s court in Paisley Scotland, I am fighting this on the following grounds:
The whole incident and all those involved are in England, this website is based and edited in England, even their own staff involved in this by their own admission are in England, it would be unfair and highly impractical to expect myself and over a hundred witnesses (other elderly people who’ve had the same experience as Mrs Dunn) to travel to Scotland. I am an Englishman, I have been to Scotland twice in my lifetime, I as an Englishman residing in England am subject to English law.
Their reasons for wanting this to be heard in Scotland are: That’s where their head office is, and it would undermine my defence.
I have heard lots of arguments from their side why this should be heard in Scotland, some ridiculous and all disproved by my side.
I still receive many emails complaining about the service they have received from the above.

REVIEWS FOUND for the above:

  • Jayne in Daventry – 19 Nov 16

    Further to earlier report on this company they are now trying every which way to wriggle out of acknowledging that they failed to provide what their invoice actually stated. Be warned this is not a company you want to be involved with, stick to local traders or use ‘word of mouth’ if you want work done efficiently, economically and with a real guarantee.

  • JK Daventry – 14 Nov 16

    Writing on behalf of aunt who has just been charged £138 for ‘work’. Nothing actually done as can be verified by a reputable le local engineer who called after aunt was getting no help from Aerial Services. This new engineer has taken photographs and is contacting MP regarding the company. I have now contacted Trading Standards on her behalf. These companies cannot get away with preying on the elderly, vulnerable and trusting.

  • J, Essex in Essex – 26 Sep 16

    Following problems with newly installed aerial appointment was made. The engineer never showed up having waited in all day. At least a further 15 no show appointments. Three months later the aerial was eventually fixed. Appalling service. No one seemed to take responsibility. It seems they operate by registering local engineers who pay this operation to be on their books. I do not recommend this outfit.


Published 24 hours ago


currently in battle with this company regarding installation negligence. Contractor went on roof without ladder and broke tiles because he was too lazy to get ladder off the van.

Company do not want to know and have led us a merry dance since july. They are in breach of their contract and will be taking action against them.

There is no customer service, no complaints procedure in place and its very haphazard if you have have a problem. Staff never call you back. Staff pass complaints around the office. They lie and are also very rude. Cant see how they are in business. They pretend they haven’t got compliants also. Any old trick to get out of facing up to their responsibiliites. Be very wary in fact avoid. Once they have your money they have no interest in problems. They use independent contractors and advertise in local directories.

Avoid this company at all cost.

The technician arrived without the brackets that I had requested. He then installed a new aerial and dish, knowing that I didn’t need the aerial. He drilled in the house and left his mess for us to clean. The TV bracket was hung skew. All this and they charged me £500.00 and yet they wont come and rectify their problems.


Published 2 days ago

Never use this company

I had an engineer (Tom) come to a house we moved into, he tested cables and said everything was fine and left having charged £250. When the tv was setup there was no signal. I phoned another engineer (Darren), he tested the same cables and said there was no signal, went to roof, tested aerial, found it faulty then changed it and now it all works – costing £150. This company now refuses to refund the £250.
Fraudsters. Given then 14 days to pay or will take to small claims court
Published 3 days ago

Waste of time !

Avoid !!
They make a big fuss about how reliable they are yet they could not even be bothered to call me let alone do the job ! Waste of time.
Published 5 days ago

Appalling service

I would have given no stars if possible. My original booking was lost, rearranged then no show. When the work was eventually done, one aerial connection came apart the next day and I discovered appalling mess of wires in bedroom. I have been trying to get someone back for days and no one turns up. I have emailed and sent a picture of the mess and had no reply


Trust me people 1 star is far to generous !!! I paid this bunch of con artists £204 for a new aerial and signal booster back in June , 4 1/2 months later the quality of my picture is absolutely disgraceful and cuts up on every Chanel every 5 seconds , I called and arranged for an engineers to come out a total of 6 times as the product was still under warranty and I’m still waiting for him to arrive , the office I contacted take my call and each and every time lie and waste my time by booking me in for no one to actually come out , they however when I was paying them £204 to install new equipment were there as and when they said , please people AVOID AVOID AVOID it’s a total waste of everyone’s time and money AVOID just set fire to your money instead it’s less hassle, I’m no going down the legal route to get my money back !!!
8 months ago
Words fail me on how poor this company treat customers. Said on the day if you accept quote they will carry out work, didn’t happen. Booked for the next weekend canceled a trip to have done, didn’t happen. Then said would be out Monday evening, didn’t happen. Not even a phone call. Phoned to complain to Manager Blair. He will ring you back,guess what didn’t happen. Awful and certainly not to be recommended.

They have damaged the cable to mine whilst work kin on the neighbours and have failed to seal the joints to ip65/66 as this cable runs to a powered booster.

I have to sort it out . Check to see if they have any public liability insurance as they wont provide it to me.

a year ago
AVOID tis company!!!!!! Their so-called engineers are on a £400 a day target. They will advise you that you need stuff you DO NOT need RIP OFF!!!! merchants!!!!! Google has them listed in the top 5 hits so look lower or call a Local fitter from the smaller ads in Local papers. They have big adverts in Yellow pages and Thomson locals The phone numbers ALL divert to them BE WARNED!!!!
10 months ago
What a shower of clowns. The so called engineers have the IQ of a banana !  (Sorry but I had to laugh at this one!)
a year ago
A terrible company, ripped off my gran for the sum of £414 pounds for an aerial in Erskine, she is 83 years old, and it did not work right I had to get another company to fix it, I wish I could scan the receipt on here. Stick to companies with good reviews (Sorry Agnes, these dodgy cowboys write their own reviews)
2 years ago
Promised to call on Monday I waited all day when I called to chase a couple of times was told they would be coming, had a call from the engineer at 4pm. Was having a few problems, flat tyre etc. could not make it. I had a call from them on Tuesday morning assuring that an engineer would call between 3pm & 5pm. No one came, when I called them I was assured he would call (even though it was pitch black outside)I then called again at 6pm again was told he would be there as they are working till around 8.30pm. Then surprise surprise the engineer called at 7pm to tell me he could not make it as he had some dust in his eye and had to have it cleaned out. I rang them this morning and told them to forget it. Now have to find another engineer been without TV since last friday.
3 years ago

Charged £468 for a dish and a loft aerial. Break down was 150 (+vat) for the dish, £175 (+vat) for the aerial and £65 (+vat) for cable. Only 20 metres of cable was used to wire a single feed from the dish to the sky box, the aerial was connected to an existing cable.

The aerial was “secured” with one zip tie and cable had one clip.

Some freeview channels work, others don’t due to weak signal.

When called 1st time regarding poor signal strength I was told I would need to spend another £90 to fit a different aerial with an amp. Sorry but shouldnt you know what type of aerial to fit in the first place and after fitting recognise ( by test instrument) that the signal is weak and it be changed there and then?? I don’t know which aeirial I require and you are the ones choosing and fitting it!!! Total con so they can get another £90 out of you. I refused to pay any more.

When I called up again, I told them I feel like I had been ripped off to which the manner I was spoken in changed to a nasty tone and couldnt care less, customer service???? aye right!!! I was told they would send a quality control manager out to inspect the installation.

Two arrogant guys came out, the guys who fitted in the first place NOT quality control managers, who looked at the picture on some channels and said there was nothing wrong with the installation as there was a picture and refused to look in the loft at the shoddy installation or test to see how weak the signal actually was.

This company are total rip off merchants who have no interest in the customer only in themselves making as much money as possible for as little work as possible and have no manners or idea of what customer service is. There atitude is” If we were ripping you off we wouldn’t give you an invoice with contact details, aww right” as that was what I was told on the phone. Sorry but if you don’t like being called this then stop doing it because that is all you are doing to your customers!

Please avoid this company at ALL costs!!!!!

3 years ago

Terrible Customer Service – Didn’t show up for appointment to quote us for what we needed done (I could tell him myself all I needed was our aerial re-erected as it had fallen off it’s support).

I called to find out what had happened and got no information. I was told they’d call me back! Heard nothing since! Did not see the point in pursuing and went elsewhere.

There are endless reports like these, I just can’t include them all but I guess you get the message.
other names they use include:
Aerial Express, Bowersmill Place, Crossmill Business Park, Barrhead, , , , G78 1BF
aerial and satellite express Bowersmill Place, Crossmill Business Park, Barrhead, , , , G78 1BF
Addresses all match, postcodes match, web addresses divert, local numbers & mobiles divert.
Please don’t think they limit their antics to Scotland, they get everywhere in the UK

Another victim contacted me with this:

Hi thanks for that I’ve got a pic of the invoice on my phone, I was up there for half term and waited in everyday for them to come and do what they were asked to do, basically we asked for an aerial to be fitted to his static caravan he had already bought this himself and connect it to bedroom and living room quote of 65 pound he ended up paying £252 as they put up another sat dish and didn’t connect aerial to living room. Also very messy work, if you have email address i can put all in writing and get pics when I’m up there. They are still promising me every day someone will fix this. He’s 83 by the way and lives alone.
2nd message:
just got back from my dads at weekend, after 19 days of my constant ringing and hassling them they finally sent someone back to sort it out. So he’s now able to get free view which is what he wanted.
Bridlington / Hornsea.
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Some videos for your entertainment.

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